Hello there, I’m Leigh, an American writer based in Accra, Ghana, and you’ve stumbled into my personal corner of the Internet. Welcome to the party. Put down your purse, grab a drink, and stay awhile!

This blog has been many things over the years: a travel blog, a literary blog, a hodgepodge of random musings…Right now its focus is on trying new things in my new home of Accra. 

I’ll be posting all about my mini-adventures in West Africa in hopes that they entertain, but also in hopes that they inspire you to try something new, too. Something brave, something daring, something a little crazy, something you don’t think you can quite picture yourself doing.

I think it’s important to shake things up in life. To keep people — including yourself — guessing about you. So, let’s surprise ourselves a little, shall we? :)

— Leigh


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