Meh, I’m Over This: Day 3 of My 3-Day Juice Cleanse

This post is about Day 3 of my juice cleanse. To read about Day 1, go here, and to read about Day 2, go here.

I’m nearly through with my third and final day of this cleanse. I have juiced my last juice and now I only have to finish it and then drink a cup of almond milk before sweet sleep takes me into a new day where solid foods are again a part of my reality.

I’m feeling…a little let down.

I will make it to tomorrow, and it will probably feel like some sort of accomplishment, but I’m not sure that it will register on the grand scale of life accomplishments that I had it slated for. This is mostly because there has been a distinct lack of any sort of epiphany telling me that I should change my whole life to be more like it’s been the past three days.

Sure, I have had periods of euphoric, look-at-me-go-on-juice-only moments, but for the most part on this diet I have been a miserable person to be around. I have been irritable and craving all kinds of bad things for me and not shutting up about it.

I think a coworker of mine said it best when he pointed out that the healthiest diet/eating plan/lifestyle change/whatever-label-you-want to-give-these-things probably wouldn’t leave you thinking about food every minute of every second of every day.

That’s the horrible state of mind that this cleanse put me in, meaning I’ve probably had the least healthy relationship with food I’ve ever had in my life over the course of my 3-day juice cleanse.  You guys, last night I had a nightmare that I was eating a roll of Ritz crackers and only remembered I was on my juice cleanse halfway through the roll, so I’d totally failed the diet by accident. Seriously. Thoughts of food have even haunted my dreams.

So, I’m swigging back this final cup of green swill with a bitter taste in my mouth that isn’t just the kale.

That said, I did get at least one good takeaway from this experience: I learned more about myself.

I now know that I’m a person who really enjoys food, and that having access to good food is directly tied to my ability to fully enjoy of life. If I had to be on the juice diet for some unknown reason, like if I got put into some weird, future prison where they make you juice as a form of torture, my morale would suffer in a big way.

It’s also taught me that I maybe treat myself a little too often. While on this short, 3-day juice cleanse, I missed mimosa Mondays at a friend’s, birthday cupcakes at work, and a book club dinner/drink/discuss fest. Three things in three days. That is a lot of social snacking I’ve got going on.

Even so, I think I like my life that way. What’s the point of being on this rock we call Earth if we can’t enjoy the party?

So, tomorrow I feast in celebration of life, of food, of happiness, of friendship and of solid things to chew on that are full of flavor and maybe get stuck between my teeth.

In the future I might have a veggie juice every now and then to balance out my daily nutrient sources, but I’m never doing this crazy all-juice, all-the-time mess again.

But, that’s me. My life. Many others find that juicing is totally for them. That’s great. They get to live their lives. Probably longer ones, too, or—as my dad likes to say—even if they aren’t longer, they’ll sure feel that way :)

I kid, I kid! Let’s all just be ourselves. Sound good? Cool.

I’m off to try to get myself to sleep as early as possible so tomorrow will get here already and I can get back to normal life. Here’s a little something fun to leave on that a good friend shared with me when she heard about my juice cleanse:

Cake Juice CleanseWelllll, then. I’m over this whole juice cleanse—bring me the cake!


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