New Year, New Blog

So, I’m relaunching this blog…again…Surprised? No? Well, no need to be rude about it. You could at least act like you didn’t see this coming.

Anyway, I’ve decided that in 2014 I’m going to travel one weekend of every month to either someplace new or someplace I’ve never visited while of the legal drinking age (which, if we’re honest about it, basically amounts to the same thing). Hence renaming the blog The Traveling Typist.

My first trip is Jan. 10-12 to Nashville, TN. I chose Nashville because I’ve heard it name-dropped in songs for years, sometimes lovingly, sometimes not, and I’ve never been. I want to sit on a bar stool and listen to live music in the city that country musicians love to hate. That’s pretty much all that’s on my agenda for the trip.

So, the plan is to find a bar with a band, have a beer, tip the band, and go back to Dallas a new person, a person who’s been to Nashville.

Side Note: I haven’t booked a hotel room yet, and my mother is a little concerned.

Suggestions on where I should stay or what I should do? Lemme know in the comments!

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  1. Hi! I know a fantastic musician in the Nashville area, relocated from the north east. He’s got a Jack Johnson-kind-of vibe. I’ll send you his event list for January in case you have time to check out a performance. Nice blog!

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