22 Days of P90x, Life Still Happening

I’m a little over three weeks in of the program, and pretty surprised I’ve made it this far. It feels great to do something for myself everyday. The workouts are kicking my butt, but every time I do one that I’ve done before, it’s a bit easier, and it’s really nice to see progress.

Earlier this week I was sitting on my patio with my legs propped up on the railing and saw the distinct outline of what could be the beginnings of a calf muscle. At first, I thought it might be a strategically placed shadow, but upon further inspection to my great surprise it was actually true muscle definition. So basically I’m halfway to He-Woman status. Ye’ve been warned.

In other news, the brother and sister-in-law are nearly off to Kenya now. In a few short days, they’ll be adventure bound! I’m only a little jealous; I’ve got to go visit them at some point. There will never be a better excuse to get over to that part of the world, and it’s always awesome to travel somewhere that you know someone local.

This exercise program gives me energy, except it also tells me when it’s time to go to bed. I’ve never been one to be sleepy at a decent hour before now, and I’ve never slept so well as I have the past few weeks. As my parents used to say to me, it’s night-night time.

Next week’s goal is to get started on a blog post early enough in the day to post a full story about something funny or irreverent or both.


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