Kenya Calling

I made it through week 2 without a hitch, then headed to my hometown in Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend for a big party my family was throwing. My older brother and sister-and-law are moving to Kenya for two years in eleven days. It’s wild (ha…ha…).

So, the weekend was full of goodbyes and not so full of P90x. I missed the first day of my third week, BUT I’m back on the wagon today (just finished Plyometrics) and plan on playing catch up by not taking off a day between this week and the fourth. It should work out, because the fourth week is sort of a “resting” week with easier workouts. I’m not going to kill myself to get through it, though. If I feel like I’m headed toward injury city, I’ll just chalk it up to one day missed. At the same time, no sense in not giving it the old college try!

New update next week. Now, time for  nap.

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