That’s Right, I’m 9 Days In

So, I’ve kept with it and have somehow managed to find time to workout every day for the past 9 days. I even did the optional X Stretch DVD on what could have been my “off” day. Fear of losing momentum by taking a break made me push through it and, actually, that will probably become my favorite DVD. Stretching is AWESOME! I can’t believe I consistently skipped that DVD the last time I gave P90x a go.

Everything still hurts, but not as much somehow? And in kind of a good way? Anyway, good things are happening. I’m two days into week two. Folks, I could go ALL THE WAY! Or fail miserably (and publicly). Time will tell.

Contrary to my initial hope, thus far P90x has not made me a better or more regular writer. Waking up an hour early to do the workouts is about all I have in me. Two hours early to do the workouts and write is proving to be difficult. I always set myself up for success, putting my alarm to 5:15 a.m. and telling myself, you can do it, Leigh. Seriously! 5:15 is going to be the time you will get up tomorrow morning. And it will be amazing.

But then the time comes, and I hit snooze for an hour until there’s only enough time to squeeze in the workout before I have to get ready for work. Next week is a new week, though. It’s completely within the realm of possibilities that next week I’ll get the full, everything-you-want-to-do-for-yourself routine in motion.

In other news, I am fighting a war. The battleground is my apartment. It started in the kitchen, but now I’m surrounded on all fronts. The fruit flies have the advantage in terms of numbers, but I am bigger than they and also have legal rights to the space we’re both occupying. I shall prevail.

Note to everyone ever: Fresh fruit in a basket looks cute, sure, but never leave one out during the summertime in Texas. The aesthetic is not worth the number of little flying friends you’re unknowingly extending an invitation to.

Google told me to put some sweet stuff in the bottom of a jar with holes poked in it so that in theory the flies can go in and be stuck and/or drown. I’ve trapped one so far using that method, and probably two dozen with my palms of death. If they gain any more ground over the next couple of days, I’ll have to bring in the big guns: apartment maintenance/exterminators. The only reason I haven’t up to now is, truly, embarrassment. Who wants to be the dirty girl with the fruit fly problem? No one needs to know about that! Except the entire Internet, naturally.

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