P90X: Day Two, Everything Hurts

I bought the P90X exercise program about a year ago, completed thirty nonconsecutive days’ worth of the workouts, and somehow without even really consciously making a decision about it, quit altogether after that and let the DVDs collect dust.

Well, no more! I’m on day two in a row of the workouts. I am more sore than I ever imagined was possible, but I will not give in. I think I read somewhere that if you’re sore, it actually helps to exercise. I am trying to believe this, as my belief in it (even more than its really being true) is vital to my success.

I’m doing P90X for a handful of reasons. Some are reasons that make sense, others may not to you but totally do to me. Here they are:

  • I want to be in really great shape. Like, woah, check out that woman lifting her car to get the spare change that just rolled beneath it shape. The best shape I’ll ever be in in my life, if only to know what that feels like for a moment in time so that when I’m in my seventies I can say,”You know, when I was 25, I was smokin’.”
  • I want to start getting up early in the mornings, every single day, to write. If I wake up early enough to do a workout and write, I can’t fail. I’ll be so buzzed after the DVD, all my writing brain juices will be totally flowing and my fingers will fly across my laptop’s keyboard, every sentence pure gold. So you see, like many people who start the program, I’m of the belief that P90X is going to make me a better writer.
  • I want to prove to myself that I still have the self-discipline to commit to a goal and accomplish it.
  • I want to feel more energized. Moving from New York to Texas takes you from walking miles a day just to get from point A to point B to maybe walking one mile all day “naturally” and then having to plan and make a conscious effort to get any extra laps in there. This leads to extreme sluggishness. I noticed the other day that I groaned from the effort of getting up off of the couch. Low point. P90x should make me spring up from those cushions with all of the jubilant buoyancy of a giggling toddler on a sugar high.

So, there you have it. For the next three months, I’m working out daily. Also writing daily, so that’s exciting. I’ll keep you all tuned in on my progress with both.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and asked to friend you on FB! I knew your dad before you existed (he worked at the law firm at United Bank in Austin and my hubby and he were buds)….so, would you let me post some of your blog on my Today’s Spiritual Woman winter issue?It’s an online mag…:) hugs! And GREAT JOB!

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