Word to the Wise

Do not take a big gulp of water from a cup you find sitting out in your apartment unless you are damn sure that it’s water and not lukewarm, day-old whiskey formerly on the rocks. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with enjoying a nice glass of lukewarm, day-old whiskey formerly on the rocks. Waste not, my friends. It’s a recession, after all!

You just always want to go into that shit knowing what’s what. You need to undergo a certain level of preparation before being able to fully appreciate that kind of experience.  I’ve found the best method for me is to think positive thoughts like, “Yep. This is happening. It has come to this.”

Tell yourself you’re worth it. Drink it with you pinkie sticking out—this is very important. Also, flip your hair, if you’ve the equipment for it.

Bottoms up!

2 thoughts on “Word to the Wise

  1. And don’t drink unknown liquid from a water bottle in the back of an suv of questionable origin in Mexico! It might not be water….might be rubbing alcohol! Just sayin’ “Down the Hatch!”

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