Summ-ah Time in the City

I didn’t post yesterday because…I totally forgot! Or, I remembered, but I was on my flight back from a New Orleans bachelorette party, and couldn’t do it then, and when I finally did get home I crawled into bed to watch seven episodes of New Girl in a row and then sleep ten hours.

It did not occur to me in the middle of my New Girl marathon that I hadn’t yet written my Sunday blog post, and so, it’s now a Monday blog post.

This one is going to be a little slap-dash. I’ve got some fish baking in the oven with spinach and feta, and my goal is to have this posted by the time it comes out so that I can enjoy it with some wine and catch up on last night’s Game of Thrones.

Post commencing…and go!

So, this news is several weeks old, but I went to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival back in April and it was awesome. There was beer, music, food, art, and puppies. I bought a handmade leather wallet for a bit too much money, or too little, depending on how you look at it (it was the cheapest thing in the booth, so more than I would normally pay for a wallet but not the biggest way to support this artist), and I love it. It’s my new everyday wallet.

My friend brought her dog, Logan. There had been a puppy parade earlier in the day and he found plenty of friends to sniff while we strolled. I was tempted to adopt a dog despite the very real fact that my apartment complex does not allow them and adopting one would officially make me a fugitive of the law. I’m typically a rule follower…but…puppies!

In the end, I just stared at them longingly. Here’s a picture from the day.

I love this city in the summer. There are dogs everywhere!

IMG_20130407_141142_270 (2)

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