Early Evening in Deep Ellum

I spent Friday night in Deep Ellum with a good friend of mine. I haven’t spent nearly enough time in that neighborhood since moving back to Dallas. It’s gritty and bohemian; it reminds me a bit of New York’s Lower East Side.

One of my favorite memories of Deep Ellum is from my high school days. I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, but my dad lived in Dallas so whenever cool music events would come up in Dallas (Warped Tour, Dashboard Confessional on tour, and all other manner of angst-filled-music opportunities) my friends and I would pile into a car and go to my dad’s.

We got to see Something Corporate and Yellow Card at The Gypsy Tea Room. The kicker about that show—Yellow Card actually opened for Something Corporate. It was before they blew up, obviously. I remember feeling so grown up. I was at a concert with my high school boyfriend in a different city, just loving life.

Now both bands are pretty much nonentities, and the venue itself has fallen off the map. But there I was, almost ten years later, in Deep Ellum, in search of live music again.

We were in the neighborhood to support my boss’s son’s band, Feeling Friday. The Door was hosting a Battle of the Bands and Feeling Friday had, impressively, made the list.

We got there a little before the doors opened, so we walked around the area for a while, exploring, and happened upon a shop that specializes in antique toys and music called B4. They had a Rainbow Bright pillow for sale and I nearly lost my cool—when I was a little girl, I loved Rainbow Bright. Hell, three days out of five, I was Rainbow Bright. I wouldn’t respond to “Leigh.” Who was that bitch? No idea. I was Rainbow Bright.

I seriously considered buying the pillow, but the consequence of that decision would have been carrying it around all night at Battle of the Bands, and I wasn’t willing to suffer it.

Maybe later.

The concert was a lot of fun. Several great bands were out—although I’m partial to Feeling Friday, obviously :)

Unfortunately, I was still getting over my cough so we called it an early night after they played their set. Sniffling continues this Sunday. I’m hopeful that by tomorrow though I’ll be a normal, healthy human being again. Being diseased is quite the inconvenience!

So, first time at The Door was fun, and the verdict is I need to make it back and explore all the other bars Deep Ellum has to offer. I’m thinking a pub crawl will be the most efficient way to accomplish this. Any takers?!

I’ll also be getting that pillow at some point, and it’s Ms. Bright to you all from now on, thank you very much.

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