ReDiscovering Big D

Last month, I had big—nay—GRAND plans for relaunching my blog the first week of May. It was going to be called ReDiscovering Big D, or Noisy Typist Does Big D, or Big D and Me (no, not that…never that), or something similar, but awesome. I was going to upload new artwork that I planned to take of the Dallas skyline at some point, probably a photo taken from that cool place with the view at the Belmont Hotel. I was going to rewrite my bio. I was probably going to do other things, too.

But now we’ll never know how awesome this relaunch was going to be, because yesterday I woke up a gross, sniffling mess. That mess does not care about how all changes to my blog were supposed to go up in one glorious synchronized relaunch day, nor does that mess give two shits about the SEO rules healthy me studied so meticulously the last few weeks.


Mess me’s apartment is littered with crumpled up toilet paper because I started using that for Kleenex after I ran out and felt too sick to make a run for the store to get more….Oh, who am I kidding? I always use TP for Kleenex because I can never seem to remember to pick up Kleenex when I’m out, so I’ve just stopped trying! Problem solved.

Here’s what mess me has survived on the last day: pickles (thinking those would be good for electrolytes–don’t doctors always recommend Gatorade or whatever? Same principle), ice cream (cold on my throat, not so good right after the pickles, though), string cheese, and tea. That is, until I finally broke down and got into my car for some real food: Raising Cane’s. I got the Caniac combo, thanks for asking. It was delicious.

Anyway, here’s all the professionalism I can muster under the circumstances: I’m relaunching this blog. There’s a new post on it and everything. That’s how you know I’m for-realzies. The blog will be about things I do in Dallas every week. These will usually be new things, except in the case of this blog post, which is about something I have done in Dallas before (been sick as a dog and strung out on cough medicine).

I’ll have at least one new post a week that goes up Sundays. Stay tuned.

Time for bed now.


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