Or “ta-ta for now,” if you’re too cool to know the meaning of that Internet meme off-hand….If that can even be called an Internet meme. I don’t know. It’s something.

And the meaning holds true! Unfortunately, for a while at least while I get settled here with the new year and my new life and the new gig, I need a little break from regular posts. Especially if I’m going to have time to rewrite my manuscript, which is priority numero uno. As in the game Uno, where one’s objective is to be down to a solitary card. (Decided to add that little bit of extra info just in case you were wondering whether or not there was an analogy I could slip in there that totally wouldn’t work in the context of the situation. Answer: Yes.)

I’ll be posting very unregularly on whatever topics tickle my fancy of the moment. Is that right? No! Is that fair? God no! But it’s the way it’s gonna be.

Unless one of you wants to be my Renaissance-style patron of the arts and send me monthly checks for creating this content? Didn’t think so.

Hopefully regular posting will be a thing again one day, in another life, where I’m sane and settled. Until then, appreciate your bearing with me while this pops up less and less frequently on your reader. (I am on your reader, surely.)

xoxo Leigh

5 thoughts on “TTFN

  1. You have a new reader. I apparently came on board at the least appropriate time, but at least I am on board. I discovered your blog after Googling names I found in my NYU notebook from last summer, which included you because I was in that Digital Strategies class you talked about in a previous post. It’s nice to know you are doing well and writing a novel and this funny blog. You have a new follower. And you will definitely be on my reader.


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