Manuscript Monday: Page Count 150!!!

Woo!!! We all survived 2012! AND I finished my manuscript first draft! A week ago, I wasn’t sure which outcome was more probable.

Now it looks as if they both were. Who knew?!

I’m having a glass of wine. And then I’m going to bed early so I can wake up tomorrow early and start rewrites for the second draft!

I’ve decided I’m also going to write two posts weekly, more than the 1 post weekly I’ve been doing the last few weeks, but less than the five posts weekly that was killing me a few months ago. I’m going to go through my reel of topics week by week. There will always be a Manuscript Monday post, but one week I’ll do a Mostly True Story Tuesday, one week I’ll do a Writer’s Wednesday, one week I’ll do a Thirsty Thursday…you get the idea. Starting next week.

A much more manageable amount of writing for me, and more variety for you. All good things!

Hurrah for 150 pages! Hurrah for rewrites!! Hurrah for 2012!!!

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