Manuscript Monday: Page Count 145

I’ve written three pages, five more to go for this year and the manuscript’s first draft! I’ll finish it before next Manuscript Monday, but the world may never know if we don’t make it through the new year. It will be a shame that no one will get the chance to read this literary masterpeice after it’s finished. Damn those prophetic Mayans!

Well all, it’s been a wild ride. Hopefully I’ll be back in 1/2 with an update on how I totally finished this first draft, and all my plans for resuming regular updates as well as plans for polishing up a more final version of the manuscript next year, but if I don’t, we’ve had a great run here on planet Earth! (Tried to make that sound cheery, but damn if it didn’t come out a bit morbid…)

Cheers all! Here’s to hoping 2012’s the best year of all of our lives—until the next one!


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