Manuscript Monday: Page Count Still 142

Uh Oh. Looks as though I’m losing steam. Between the holidays, the new job, the move, and the on-going freelance project I’m working on through January there just isn’t enough time/energy to go around. And forget regular blog posts! Gah…too much to chew over here.

So, time to revise this plan. Realistically, I can’t work on this manuscript until at least next Monday (after I’ve finished another leg of the freelance project). That gives me eight days days to finish this manuscript, considering that the weekends will both be shot with holiday events. If I want to make the first draft 200 pages as initially planned, that’s an impossiblity. BUT….if I decide that it’s OK for the first draft to be 150 pages and to flesh out the book from the middle outward during rewrites, where it probably needs it most now that I think about it, I can totally do this.

So: I’m writing 8 more pages to finish this first draft between now and the new year, and I’m putting regular posts on hold and only updating on Manuscript Mondays until then to take that off my plate.

You guys will be too busy singing Christmas carols to notice, any how.

Until next Monday, then!

2 thoughts on “Manuscript Monday: Page Count Still 142

  1. I think your plan makes a lot of sense. With a draft that’s 150 pages long, you’ll be able to look at the big picture, and then go back and figure out what needs development. So don’t worry about the page count at this point… Just worry about the story!

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