Wall Street Run-Ins

My last few weeks living in New York things around Wall Street were really picking up and even bleeding a bit farther north toward my neighborhood in the Chinatown/TriBeCa area.

I took some pictures of protests I randomly walked through the middle of on my way home from work. Below are three pictures, each taken on a separate day.

In the first picture, the protestors were across the street and had basically taken over that sidewalk. They were pretty tame, waving American flags and chatting to one another.

In the second picture, they were all gathered in a square across from the court house downtown a few blocks from my apartment…I forget the name of the park. It’s the one with the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 6 train subway entrance. They’d basically taken over the entire grassy area and had someone chanting loudly on a microphone “We are the 1% !”

I took the third picture on my walk from my very last day with my old job. I was carrying cardboard boxes for my move and they were unwieldy in the worst way. I’d just carried them about fifteen minutes when I came to this group of protesters, this time occupying an entire street—I think it was Centre Street. There were policemen and displaced cars everywhere. I had to bob and weave my way through the crowd and across the street to get home. I felt like I was in a real-life game of Frogger.

Yup. So far I haven’t stumbled across many protests on my drives home from work in Dallas…that will probably take some getting used to!

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