Manuscript Monday: Page Count 139

Great Thanksgiving weekend. Ate lots of food and had a fabulous time with my family and old friends. I got back around ten last night, went to work this morning, then got home and cleared off space on my bedroom floor to sit and write with my computer because my desk is covered in stuff I have yet to unpack and the rest of my room is covered with stuff I’ve partially unpacked. (Not sure which mess is worse, at this point. They’re neck-in-neck.)

I wrote five pages in one sitting (woo!), so kept to my goal for last week and brought my total page count up to 139. I’m definitely seeing the light at the end of this first draft’s proverbial tunnel. It’s exciting. It’s also exhausting.

Think I’ll throw all the piles of clothes sitting on my bed onto the floor and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s Tuesday post will probably also be a late one, but I’ll get one up, pinky swear to it!


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