Bye-Bye Big Apple, Hello Big D!

So I made a big move this weekend: from New York City to Dallas, Texas. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

I’m working for indie/boutique book publishing house BenBella Books down here and will have the opportunity to be involved with a fabulous team of people working on some very interesting titles!

I’ll definitely miss all of the great friends I made in NYC and will think often and smile at all the good memories and crazy stories from my 2+ years here that I have to thank that great city for, but it was time for a change and I think this will be the beginning of a bright new future.

I’m especially excited about the GRAND luxuries I’ll now be privy to as a Dallasite, such as: a closet, a bathtub, a washer/dryer on the same floor as me (that’s free to use!), no state income tax, a car, not having to think about how many groceries I can by based on how much I think I can carry two blocks and then up five flights of stairs, central air conditioning and heat, a TV (with cable!!), a dishwasher, a living room (complete with couch!), a microwave, liquor and wine/beer available in the SAME store, and—most importantly—my dear family being so close by (divided amongst Dallas, Shreveport, and Austin).

Yes. Life is pretty sweet right now, guys. Headed to Shreveport tomorrow for T-Day after my first week at the new job.

I haven’t even begun to unpack. Shambles!—That’s the state of my room.

I’m taking the next three days off writing this blog so that I have adequate time to stuff my face with stuffing and green bean casserole. So, until Monday then.

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