October Creepshow

Sunday night my neighbors across the hall threw a pumpkin carving party on our roof, which we have access to illegally via an emergency exit (oh, Chinatown…).

While I wasn’t able to make it for the pumpkin carving festivities, I did swing by in time to enjoy some of my neighbors’ amazing pumpkin curry soup, roasted pumpkin seeds with agave juice, vegan pumpkin muffins, and spiced cider vodka. MMM mmm good!

Then they set up a projector and we watched one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen to date: Creepshow. The basic premise is a little boy is obsessed with this horror comic book, and the film is five stories in the comic played out, so five mini-movies. Stephen King had something to do with the making of the film according to IMDb, so you can imagine the thrill level. Mr. King takes his horror very seriously.

Blood. Monsters. Bugs. Murders. Weird 80s clothing styles. All these things were featured in the fabulously strange attraction. I loved it and recommend it to all who enjoy mixing comic books, monsters, and strong drinks (and, after all, isn’t that what the month of October is all about?).

Happy Halloween month, all! Get excited. Eggnog season is just around the corner.

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