Manuscript Monday: Page Count 123

So, I’ve adjusted my goals and am now committing to writing a more reasonable one page per weekday, rather than my previous lofty goal of five pages per weekday. You guys remember that story about the tortoise and the hare? Well, I’m tortoising this bidness. Five pages per weekday was really leaving me a bit burned out and stressed out, but one page? Hell, I can do one page with my eyes closed. (Well, perhaps not–I’m really not a very accurate typist, although a noisy one! Apparently the two characteristics are not linked.)

Last week I wrote a page per day and ended up with five more manuscript pages, bringing my total to 123 pages. Not too shabby, when compared to the very real possibility of adding zero pages! What’s that thing people say? Set the bar low, then over-deliver? Hmmm…I like my tortoise analogy better.

Plodding away over here, one sloppily typed word at a time!


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