Black Eyed Peas Singin’ in the Rain in Central Park

Last Friday night I met up with a guy we’ll call Pete for a blind date. We’d planned to grab drinks and sushi after work, but instead the date gods showered their blessings upon us and presented him with two tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas in Central Park that night.

They had originally been scheduled to play a few weeks earlier, but Hurricane Irene put a wrench in their plans, that fun-hating bitch. Well, turns out this little turn of events played out very much in my favor. Pete’s coworker couldn’t make it to the concert on Friday, and in true standard-sitcom-plot style, he offered them to Pete for date night.

When Pete told me he’d scored tickets to this concert, a concert that was ALL anyone was talking about at my office Friday, any thoughts of sushi dinner dissipated entirely. Did I want to go, he asked. Did I want to go? HELL YES I wanted to go!

We hopped on the subway. When we got to the park, it was a mob scene. A carefully regulated, well-fenced-in mob scene, but a mob scene nonetheless. Security checked my bag, which was pretty big because I’d just come from work. I felt a little self-conscious about him looking in my bag, just because I was carrying not one, but two hardback books (that’s just how I roll…). So I did the only thing one can do when one is feeling self-conscious about something potentially embarrassing; I owned up to it.

“All I have in there are, like, two books.”

He looked at me. Pete was beside me, bearing witness to my testimony. The policeman waved me on.

We later found out that they’d been confiscating umbrellas all night, (dangerous things, umbrellas in crowds! All those pointy metal parts.) but I guess I’d thrown him off with my unsolicited declaration of my books, and he hadn’t even noticed my own umbrella-now-turned-weapon nestled safely in my ginormous purse.

We walked down a barricaded path to the concert. It took probably fifteen minutes to get from the entry point to the concert itself. When we finally got there, the sky opened up and it started to rain.

This was actually not the worst thing ever, surprisingly enough. Pete and I made a pact then and there that no matter the level of downpour, we would not let a little water get between us and enjoying the Black Eyed Peas’ musical stylings. Apparently, many other concert-goers had not made a similar pact. People began leaving in droves.

Which meant that even though we’d showed up a bit late, we made it all the way to the front of the midsection! We couldn’t go all the way to the front, because the police had sectioned it off in such a way that only those crazies who’d waited since 4 p.m. were allowed that privilege. But still, considering the fact that we strolled in around the time they started playing, I was pretty pleased we were able to push forward that far!

The Black Eyed Peas were amazing. And being there in Central Park with 60,000+ fans was a pretty cool experience. The light show was the stuff of legends, and actually looked pretty awesome in the rain because the water fractured and reflected all of the light.

Because we’d just come from work, we were most definitely not appropriately attired for the occasion. I was wearing a dress and he was in a suit. But he gave me his jacket in true gentleman style, so I didn’t freeze and he didn’t look so very dressed up after that. It was pretty easy to ignore what we were wearing with everyone around us not paying any attention–they were all way too busy having a great time!

So, all in all, great Friday night! I highly recommend taking up any and all random offers for free concert tickets. There are practically no foreseeable consequences to speak of, and your potential to have a great time that evening increases exponentially; I feel like there’s probably an algorithm for how much…but will have to ask a math person to be sure.

Side note: What do math people carry around in their bags, anyway? A scientific calculator? Sounds much lighter than my books.

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