Two Testicle Prejudice and Other Things You Don’t Think About Enough

Writer’s Wednesday is here again!! AND, I-shit-you-not (I couldn’t make this up…), yesterday I was up on my roof and a handful of balloons floated by with some flowers attached to them. Pretty sure they were welcoming this Writer’s Wednesday, because there’s really no other logical explanation.

This flower-filled Wednesday I want to point you all in the direction of Josh Duke’s blog: I Have a Ball, Every Day. Some of you may remember him from an older post as one of the two buds I crashed with over Hurricane Irene weekend. Well, I’ve decided to post another link directing people to his site because this is my corner of the internet and, much like a petulant toddler, I do what I want!

Anyway, he somehow manages to write really funny posts that also describe his experience of being a guy in his twenties who was diagnosed with testicular cancer. So basically, he’s a wizard.

I’ll prove it to you. Read this post he wrote about the Two Testicle Prejudice phenomenon and tell me if you manage to refrain from yucking to yourself. What’s that you say? You don’t yuck? Oh, whatever. You totally yuck.

Go there and click around. And then join with me on the #twotesticleprejudice Twitter campaign. Together, we can make a difference!

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