Manuscript Monday Page Count 113

So, I didn’t have a perfect week—missed two days of writing. But, I didn’t miss three other weekdays of writing. So, collectively this week I wrote fifteen more manuscript pages. Not too shabby, considering the embarrassments that were the past two weeks.

And now I’m up to 113 pages.

I’ve sort of gotten off track with the the continuity of the plot…but I’m not too concerned with that at this point. It’s been really great just getting a bunch of the words I need down on paper. I’ve decided I’ll stop to breathe when I’ve hit 200 pages. I’ll make whatever’s in that the official “rough” draft of the manuscript, give it a read-through and mark it up like crazy to get ready for round two.

With 113 down, the 200 mark doesn’t seem all that impossible or even all that far away! It’s really exciting to watch the digital page pile grow :)

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