Blog Is Officially 1 Month Old!

They grow up so fast, don’t they? In celebration of The Noisy Typist‘s one month birthday, I’m doing a few things:

  • Posting this special weekend post! (Weekends are usually for sleeping, not writing…)
  • Swapping out the header art with a new, more colorful variant. Thanks again to my fabulously talented brother Haydon Brint Camp for creating it!
  • Saving all Facebook updates for my Facebook Page exclusively (and not my personal Facebook wall), except for special monthly birthday posts like this one.

I’m moving all post updates to my Facebook Page rather than my personal account because, with my new five posts a week policy, I’ve found my blogging has completely taken over my wall feed and, potentially, friends’ news feeds. I don’t want to spam my friends with constant blog updates–that is, unless they’ve elected to be subjected to said spam!

So, if you’d like to keep receiving posts in your news feeds whenever I put up a new post, go to my Facebook Page and click the “like” button–alternatively, click the “like” button on the top right of this blog.

BAM! Just like that, you’re privy to all post updates. Aren’t you a lucky thing?

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