Peter Dewolf: Poet & Blogger Currently Obnoxiously in Love

This Writer Wednesday I’d like to point you guys in the direction of Peter Dewolf’s works and many internet musings.

I discovered Peter’s blog when The Hairpin linked to his awesome post about How to Treat a Woman. He’s insightful and hilarious. He has a few books out and a blog where he posts charming poetry and, occasionally, delightful little vignettes.

These days his poems’ subjects revolve nearly entirely around his love for his girlfriend and modern day muse, Ashley. Let the record stand that she’s adorable and very muse-worthy.

AND together they’ve started the blog Obnoxious Love where they write love letters to one another of a caliber of that make us single folk forget all about that “freedom” and “independence” stuff we’re always harping about and just wish someone would LOVE us! Fair warning, the site is not for the bitter-hearted.

Go to his blog and click around, if so inclined. Happy Writer Wednesday, all!

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