Kim Wright on Second Novel Hang-ups

According to award-winning travel writer Kim Wright, the only thing more difficult than writing your first book is writing your second one,  And she should know. She’s in the process of writing her own second novel after publishing debut Love in Mid Air.

Check out her guest blog post about all the reasons why, despite what certain pop artists may proclaim, the second cut is the deepest. The worst part is, she speaks sense. BUT, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently veteran writers eventually get past the second-novel-hang-ups. So, it’s not like every single book you write will be harder than the last. You just have to write three, and then it’s smooth sailing, I’m sure. (Ha.)

*Credit where credit is due: Discovered the blog post from my fave source for all news on publishing, GalleyCat. Go there for more of this conversation!

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