#ManuscriptMondays Page Count 80

First of all, major thanks to my talented musician/artist brother Haydon Camp for the awesome new header art! Love it. Don’t you guys?

Second of all, it’s manuscript Monday. (Dun dun DUN!!)

So, I’m 80 pages into my manuscript and feeling like I have a pretty workable schedule that I’ve been sticking to at this point. Or maybe it’s not the schedule that’s workable, but I’ve been resolute about the 5-page rule, and that’s made a difference.

Last week, I wrote every day after work and then went for a workout at the gym. I found I didn’t really like writing right after work; I needed a little break in between. So, this week I’m trying to write after my workout. Of course, I’m usually hungry after my workout, so today that meant I wrote after my dinner, after my workout.

Which is fine, but I can’t really push the writing back any further or it won’t get done. There’s nothing that really goes on after dinner except Hulu or Netflix and then bed, and if I put Hulu/Netflix time first, well, forget it.

I could try writing in the mornings, but work is 8:30 a.m. and  I’m already most definitely not a morning person. I can’t imagine  the kind of content I’d crank out if I was working pre-dawn. It would probably be real angry. And not at all fun to read.

OK, so, onward. Will see how this post-dinner writing schedule works out!

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