#ManusriptMondays Page Count: 55

I’m through with plot planning now and finally on to actually writing. My goal is to write 5 pages a day, every day, until I finish. That may sound like a lot of pages (and it is!) but I don’t think it’s an unrealistic expectation. I have my outline, so I won’t get stuck, and if I commit to sitting down and writing that amount daily then I know I’ll be generating this content in good sized chunks, continually, and eventually there will be a stack of papers (or at least a hefty Word file) where before there was only my endless “Oh, I’ll get to that eventually” mantra. So, it goes without saying, hefty Word file is infinitely better than the alternative. And I’ll edit the hell out of it at the end when I actually have something to edit.

I wrote five pages on Sunday and five more pages today. Tacked on to a chunk I wrote a few months ago before I paused to create my beautiful outline, and I have a total of 55 pages written. Woo, words!

Will let you know next week how I fared on sticking to this new 5 pages a day rule!

<3 Leigh

5 thoughts on “#ManusriptMondays Page Count: 55

  1. I don’t usually start with an outline…my early attempts at using them usually went out the window when characters decided to do things I hadn’t planned for in my outline. Once that started to happen, the outline went out the window and my use of them as well. Now I just let the characters take me along on the ride and I follow… BUT the five pages a day seems a do-able goal. I’ve set my goals by time instead of product. One day, five pages could take most of the day. On other days, only a matter of hours…

    1. Thanks for the input–good point! I’ve definitely found that some days take me much longer than others to churn out those pages… The outline is falling more and more by the wayside, too, but I’m glad it’s there, if only as a sort of crutch! (ha!) Anything to get the actual writing going, right?

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