An Intro to #ManuscriptMondays

I’ve decided to dedicate Monday posts on The Noisy Typist to my progress on a manuscript that is sure to be the next Great American Novel. (HA!)

Fret not—I don’t have quite a big enough stick up my ass to believe my work will really measure up to that level of awesome. However, I am allowing myself to hope that, at the bare minimum, it will not be the worst piece of shit to ever grace a computer screen.

When I moved to New York from Dallas—still awash in my recent-grad glow and staunch beliefs in puppies and rainbows and the ultimate good in everyone—the plan was to get a job in publishing and then become a novelist with all of my awesome publishing connections.

I got the job in publishing…and, here I am, two years later, novel-less.

So, I’ve rolled up my sleeves, cut the bullshit (not literally, because, gross) and started writing. To date, I’ve completed  40-ish pages, an outline, a document with all major character descriptions, and a list of 20-odd scenes which I plan to add at least 80 more to and then string together in a brilliantly titillating manner (readers won’t be able to turn away!). Come hell or high water (or Santa), I will have this thing finished by 12/31/11. At the very least, I’ll have the first draft.

With these Monday posts, I’ll let you guys know about my progress, gradually give more info on the actual content, and shamelessly panhandle for advice/encouragement. So, should be fun!

Let the #manuscriptmondays begin!

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