It’s My Birthday (and I got myself this blog! No, not “dog.” Blog. Yes, really.)

It’s official. I’m now 24. (Or, as my mom so delicately put it, almost a quarter of a century old….Thanks, mom!)

And so I’ve started this new blog The Noisy Typist. A very sincere thank you to any of you who are following me here from Diploma in One Hand, Head in the Other. As much as I loved that blog, the “recent grad” tagline was no longer mine to claim. (They tell me there have been at least two classes since 2009…)

Also, I’m sure from most of your comments that you’ll agree, the sporadic posting schedule you all tolerated was really unforgivable!

So, happy birthday to me and to this new blog The Noisy Typist, where I hope to grow as a writer and Internet blogger, and maybe make a few people laugh along the way.

Only, consistently this time—as in five posts a week, people! I even have a lineup. Check it out below. And note the Twitter hashtags. I’m going to be all over this Twitter thing, guys. You’ll see.

Each weekday is linked to a sample post. And just for you, my friends, I’ve pre-uploaded a week’s worth in celebration of launch day! Please click around and enjoy :)

#ManuscriptMonday: These will be posts on my progress with frantically attempting to finish my novel’s first draft before the end of the world in 2012.

#TrueStoryTuesday: These posts will be written in the same format as those on Diploma in One Hand, Head in the Other, only I’m calling them “(Mostly) True Stories.” They’ll  basically be true, but fudged in places to make them more interesting—and to protect the guilty.

#WW (Writer Wednesday): I’ll feature a writer whose work I think is, for lack of a better term (because a better term doesn’t exist in the whole of the English language), the bee’s knees.

#ThirstyThursday: In anticipation of the upcoming weekend, I’ll post a quote from a famous author on sippin’ on some sizzurp… (Song stuck in your head now? Thought so.)

#TGIF: I’ll post pics, videos, comics, and general Internet funsies that may or may not have to do with writing, because sometimes writer’s want to look at cute kittens, too, dammit!

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